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Jeff and Candy,
Woodbridge Lodge 2355 won 1st Place Grand Lodge Public Relatiohns National Award for “Brotherhood Ride”. Our Lodge was honored to host “Brotherhood Ride” during your stay in Virginia. Our Lodge members talk about your visit often.

Keep in touch.

Mary Louise Mawn PER
Woodbridge Elk Lodge 2355
Woodbridge, Virginia

It was our pleasure, and a privilege to meet with the courageous riders who struggled their way up the coast in difficult weather. For me, the expressions on their faces when they arrived at the Tear Drop Monument in Bayonne; witnessing for the first time a glimpse across the water at the Ground Zero Site and the Freedom Tower – Said It All!


Gregory J. Rogers
Chief of Department
City of Bayonne

The Pascagoula Elks Lodge 1120 and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department were happy to be a part of the 2010 Brotherhood Ride. Several of my good friends have died in the line of duty and we remember them each year during law enforcement memorial week. As a member of the Elks, I was proud to be able to coordinate the effort of our Lodge in housing the men and women of the Brotherhood Ride, and preparing meals for them. As a captain with the Sheriff’s Department, it was my honor to be able to lead the escort through our jurisdiction. The friendships that were made through our interaction with the Brotherhood Ride are ongoing.
If you are asked to be a sponsor of the Brotherhood Ride, whether as a department, or a lodge, take the opportunity to be a part of the event. Local media is always happy to have a story such as this. Get your local community and businesses along the route involved with signs welcoming the ride, and to get people out to see this great group of emergency responders as they ride through your area. Our only regret is that we did not take the opportunity to coordinate rallies throughout our city in an effort to provide more local publicity and fund raising opportunities for the group.
You won’t regret any of the time that you spend coordinating your local area to welcome the group. The funds spent to feed the group was minimal, and we more than made up in heartfelt pride that we were able to assist such an honorable function.

Capt. David Chamberlain
Jackson County Sheriff Department
P.O. Box 998
Pascagoula, MS 39568-0998
Phone: 228-769-3068
Fax: 228-762-6168

Hi Jeffrey,
So good to hear from you and your memorable organization.

The City of Jennings, Louisiana was most honored to be included as a stop over for the 2010 Brotherhood Ride enroute to Houston.

The Jennings Fire Department and myself had the privilege of meeting, greeting, eating and spending time with you, your riders and chase crew. The respect and pride that the entire team exhibited made me proud to tell all who would listen, what the Brotherhood Ride meant to me & those luck enough to be involved.

The compassion for your fallen comrades was visible both emotionally and physically. I only wish that I could someday once again, be part of the Ride. You are welcome to Jennings anytime. Especially when boiled crawfish are in season…

Polly Henry
City of Jennings
Project Coordinator


When I received Judy’s email I was thrilled to hear of your upcoming ride to the “Big Apple.” First, let me say that having the Brotherhood Ride visit our lodge, was one of the greatest and privileged events that we held! The sense of honor, loyalty, and emotion you brought touched us all!

Should you ever pass our way again, I hope you will know that the Brotherhood Ride will always have a home at our lodge here in Liberty. Please give your wife Candy my best!


Kim Bienski
Leading Knight
Liberty Elks Lodge #2019

The Lillian Volunteer Fire Department was proud to be able to provide an 18 mile escort for the Brotherhood Ride Firefighters from the Alabama / Florida Stateline at Pensacola along U.S. Highway 98 to Foley, Alabama. The riders stopped at our fire station for a much need break just inside Alabama. Most of our firefighters shed tears knowing what the “Brotherhood Ride” stood for and were honored to be able to take part in such an event. Lillian Vol Fire provided several fire trucks as escort vehicles and as Station Captain and Photographer, I was able to document their journey to the Foley Elks Lodge. I feel honored to have several of my photographs on the Brotherhood Ride website. Keep up the great work in making sure our Fallen Brothers are Never Forgotten.

Captain Rick Miller
Lillian Volunteer Fire Department
Lillian, Alabama


You guys are to be commended for the ambitious ride you have planned honoring the 411 first responders who gave their all on 9/11.

As the principle coordinator for hosting the Brotherhood Riders here in Tallahassee last year I am responding to your email for Tallahassee Elk’s Lodge BPOE 937, Tallahassee Lions Club and the Post of Tallahassee, Florida National Guard.

As you will recall the Henry W. McMillan National Guard Armory was made available for the riders to spend the night in Tallahassee. Sleeping area, latrine and shower facilities were provided for the riders.

In addition Florida National Guard retirees prepared the evening meal at the armory. Members of the Tallahassee Lions Club assisted with serving the meal.

Those supporting the feeding and billeting of this operation were rewarded by the enthusiasm and can do spirit of the riders. Many positive comments were made concerning the dedicated first responders participating in this ride.

Early the next morning the riders departed the McMillan National Guard Armory and headed for Tallahassee Elk’s Lodge BPOE 937 where volunteer Elks prepared and served a really great breakfast. Again the comments from the Elks indicated they also had a very rewarding experience by participating in this event.

The consensus of those participating in the support of the 2010 Brotherhood Ride was that we were all very proud to be a part of your team while you were here in Tallahassee. It was a win win situation for all concerned!

If you need further information please let me know any specific questions etc. you might have.

On behalf of Tallahassee Elk’s Lodge BPOE 937, the Tallahassee Lions Club and the Florida National Guard Post of Tallahassee we wish you another successful ride. Thank each and every one of you for what you do for us every day. Our thoughts and prayers go with you!


Charles G. Mohr
3415 Deer Lane Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312-1603
Cell (850)567-4123