Day 10 – Heading Home

We woke at 7am to the wonderful smell of breakfast being cooked by the elks.  Even though the last nine days we had been on our bikes all the riders seemed sad not to be riding today.  By 7:30am our bus driver Jim from Dolphin Transportation...

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Day 9 Dedicated to Brandon Thomson

Today is only a 48 mile journey.  The team had decided to sleep an extra hour which means we were up at 7am.  The Elks provided us with a delicious breakfast as usual.  Unfortunately, this extra hour of sleep seemed to make us go slower...

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Day 8 is Dedicated to Firefighter Earl Drayton

Day 8 started off early as the Elks volunteers decided to wake us up at 5:45am for our breakfast.  We were treated to a wonderful breakfast.  We were escorted out of the city by Savannah Police department. After approximately 8 miles into the ride we turned...

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