Day 10 – Heading Home

Day 10 – Heading Home

We woke at 7am to the wonderful smell of breakfast being cooked by the elks.  Even though the last nine days we had been on our bikes all the riders seemed sad not to be riding today.  By 7:30am our bus driver Jim from Dolphin Transportation was waiting for us at the Elks.  All equipment and bikes were loaded up for the trip home.  We then thanked the Elks lodge for all their hospitality.  And in return they thanked us for all we had done for the families, the firefighters and the city of Charleston.

No good-byes were said, just “see you soon” as our new brothers from Houston, TX headed home.  Some riders were greeted by their families when they arrived in Charleston and either headed home last night or early this morning.  The rest then boarded the bus and Candy and myself followed behind as we headed back to Naples.

Thank you to everyone for making our first annual ride a huge success!

-Jeff Morse

  • Margie/ 03.06.2008Reply

    GREAT JOB !!!! I am so proud of all of you. You did a wonderful thing for the families of the fallen firefighters and I know they appreciated your prayers and dedication for them and their loved ones. I am glad all of you made the trip safely. I am sure you made a lot of new friends along you journey to to Charleston. Thank you for being there for your brothers & sister firefighters and keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Keri Squittieri/ 05.06.2008Reply

    I must say that I am the proud wife of a firefighter!! You guys did such an awesome job and to see you in action was amazing. I knew as soon as Jim and I heard about this, it was something he would take to heart and want to be a part of. Although he did not inform me that he was going to try for the entire nine days until the day he left, I knew all along that he would be there the entire time pushing himself as hard as he could. That is just the kind of guy he is. (Sarcastic at times…many times…but the guy with the biggest heart I know!) I think it is great that Harry James was able to be a part of this and witness the camaraderie of the great “brotherhood” firefighters are always talking about and to see his father helping others. I am glad our own children saw this as well. It was a very heart wrenching experience the day the families were presented with the check and other gifts from the riders, I can only imagine how proud and sad at the same time the riders felt. You guys did a great thing and I am proud that my husband was a part it.

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